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Re: problems with putty

This is what you said Alfred Hovdestad
> Did you check your firewall (iptables -L) and /etc/hosts.allow &
> /etc/hosts.deny?
>    Alfred Hovdestad, RHCE
>    University of Saskatchewan
> Gavin Durman wrote:
>> Perhaps set to SSH v2 only?
>> Gavin Durman  ---  Xavier University  Systems Administrator
>> ===========================================================================
>> durman xavier edu   513.745.1905    http://staff.xu.edu/~durman
>> Nobody has time to do it right, but everybody has time to do it again.
>> Yet when you do it right, they won't even know you've done anything at
>> all.
>> Patrick Rice wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> This might be something obvious, but I'm trying to use windows putty
>>> to connect to RHEL 4 system (kernel 2.6.9-34), I can ping the system,
>>> but the problem I am having is on trying to log in as root, or a user
>>> I keep getting Access denied, I have modified the sshd_config to allow
>>> remote logins, is there any other setting I should change to allow this
>>> ?

Are any pam_modules being used (/etc/pam.d/sshd) which might limit access
(such as pam_access)?

Is your /etc/securetty file look ok?

What is your shell set to for the users who can not login.  It it a valid
shell?  Is it in /etc/shells?

Just throwing out some ideas.


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