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Re: Working outside window

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 01:14 +0800, Ong Ying Ying wrote:
> Hi all. Firstly, for all the questions below, I DON'T WANT to enter window.
how do you feel about entering google?

> What command can I use to dial-out to ISP without going into window? 
> What are the files that I need to setup?

wvdial always worked for me, although I must say it is a long time since
I used dial-up for anything.

wvdialconf <configfile>
is the correct setup command, IIRC

> Also, what are needed/setup and how to retrieve my emails using uucp
> cause it is not a pop3 account? 
> Sendmail can wait first cause I can send emails using window's email 
> software.
> I am using Redhat 9. How do I check what services are started when 
> system starts? Not every script in a runlevel is started right? I cannot 
> find linuxconf!
chkconfig --list
will show you all the System V and xinetd services installed on your
system and whether they start by default
chkconfig <servicename> on|off
will set the default state for <servicename>

> When are the files in sysconfig used?
many files in /etc/sysconfig are sourced by scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d
when they are run - as <servicename> starts, it will read 

> What is the meaning of m in 
> config-2.4.20-8? Example CONFIG_MICROCODE=m
it means that this kernel feature will be built as a loadable kernel
module,rather than being compiled in directly

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