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Re: New NICs coming up as devXXXX not ethX

Just went through this myself. Ironically also on a dell server.

After trying several variations of things this works consistently:

1.Remove the New NIC
2. Reboot let kudzu detect the removal and delete configutation
3. Reinstall the NIC
4. Let kudzu recognize the NIC and Setup when prompted. The setup script will assign proper ethX device names.

Josh Miller wrote:
I have had this problem with Dell servers and I had to disable the on-board NICs via the BIOS to get the proper ethX assignments.

- Josh, RHCE

Shane Presley wrote:
I have a Dell 2850 RHEL4, which had two onboard NICs (eth0 and eth1).

I added a new Intel dual GB PCI-X card, and for some reason the new
interfaces came up as dev23379 and dev16239.  They work fine, but I'm
not sure why they wouldn't come up as eht2 and eth3.  Any way I can
control that?


Jim Canfield, CISSP
Tulsa Spine and Specialty Hospital

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