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Re: All incomming and out going mail copy to one account.. In Postfix

Actully what is called
 is it copies all mail sent to postfix through outerworld??????.

On 10/23/06, Barry Brimer <lists brimer org> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am having postfix + dovecot mail server in my CentOs 4.4 on my office.
> need to config this sever to copy all outgoing and incomming mails to or
> from server  to accounts (all mail going out and comming through mail
> accounts) called log xxx xx > 1.Is it possible to do this in postfix?
> 2.Pls give me the necessery config pharameters to do this?\
> 3.In Sendmail can I do this? If it is details?

With Postfix, you can use Automatic BCC recipients.  Search for "Automatic
BCC recipients" on this page:

Hope this helps.


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Lasantha Amarasinghe
Sri Lanka

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