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Re : time shift in CEST

Hi Graza,
UTC is the new name for GMT. You don't need UTC if your hardware clock is not specially UTC.
CEST is Central European Summer Time and means that you have Daylight Saving Time enabled. Sunday, it will become CET (if you have the rigkt package tzdata).
The dates of change are automatically set in /etc/localtime which is a copy of /usr/share/zoneinfo/"your_contry".
Then, for a change this week-end you might have the rpm "tzdata-2006......" installed, check it with command "rpm -q tzdata".


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Objet : time shift in CEST

Hello everybody!

We are expecting time shift by 1 hour ahead on Sunday.
I hope it will be done automaticly, but I am not sure if the settngs
in my servers are correct.

On one server in /etc/sysconfig/clock we have:

On the other server in /etc/sysconfig/clock:

When I type 'date' there is:  Thu Oct 26 .. CEST 2006

Should I set something else?


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