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Re: Telnet and SSH login problems with Red Hat Enterprise ES4

Georges I. Carraha wrote:

We have successfully set up Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4 and we are  now
trying to connect remote clients to connect to it.

The problems we are having are as follows:

If we connect with telnet, we get the login prompt.  We use any valid
login name & password combination (including root), we get the response
"Login incorrect" and then the login prompt repeats.  How can we allow
remote telnet connections?  We know telnet is strongly not recommend
because of security reasons.  However, we still want o know what is
prevent the telnet connections.   BTW, the telnet service is running and
the iptables services is not running.

b) SSH
If we connect with SSH, we can log in with "root".  However, we can not
connect with any other account because it says "connection refused by
server".  How can we allow other users to connect with SSH.  We have
checked the sshd_conf file but do not know exactly what setting would be
causing this problem.

Georges Carraha
mailto:CarrahaG arubadigital com
Aruba Digital Systems N.V.

havent used telnet in years, (read about the security issues in this matter) so cant help you.

as for ssh

do the users have /home/~ dirs
are you authenticating via passwd or keys only ?
can you post your sshd_config file ?



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