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Re: DNS operation on Red Hat Enterprise ES4

I think You need to tell your dns server to allow updates from your
clients (turned off by default)
and then you need to have your client dns options say "update dns
server" which is turned on by default
anyways if I remember correctly.  I don't do this myself, but I think
that's what needs to happen.

/etc/named.conf (/var/named/etc/named.conf if you are running in chroot
which I think you do with RHEL 4) is where
you set that.  I think it's allow-update at the top of the config, but
don't quote me on that one.


>>> CarrahaG arubadigital com 10/27/06 3:27 pm >>>

We have installed and configured Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4 and have
also configured it as a DNS and DHCP server.

Windows PCs on the same network do receive an IP address from the
box and can browse the internet.  We can also ping the Linux server
the PC using the NetBIOS name of the server

We feel this would indicated proper DHCP and DNS operation.

The problem we find strange is that we can not ping the PC from the
server using its NetBIOS name. 

We do not want to put the IP address of the pc in the zone file or put
it in the /etc/host file since we are using DHCP and the IP address

Can anyone tell us how we can configure the DNS server so that the
NetBIOS names of the PCs on the local network are updated in the DNS

Georges Carraha
mailto:CarrahaG arubadigital com 
Aruba Digital Systems N.V.

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