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Lock-up and now I have wierd keyboard errors

I have a system with an older Redhat 7.2 in house system.

The system locked up, and I was forced to cycle power to get it out of
its locked-up state.  The machine booted back up fine and no errors were
detected as of any of the log files.  However, it is failing to
recognize basic key codes from the keyboard.  left, right, up, down,
F1...F12, PgUp, PgDn, etc.  It will type letters fine, enter, and tab
but that is it.  This is on a KVM, I switched to other machines on this
switch and the keyboard dose fine.  I changed the keyboard out, but that
didn't correct it either.

I'm looking for a way to perhaps go into libs or setting somewhere and
reset or perhaps reload whatever takes care of the keyboard.  Any idea
were to start looking... Agin there is no cluse in the loggs files.


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