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Re: Problem Booting redhat machine

I am currently having a problem with 4 Hp proliant servers that since
Friday when they where powered off will not come back up. The machines
power, disk and network are all fine but when i power the machine up i do
not get anything appear on the screen at all , i have tried two different
monitors that i know work fine but i do not even get anything on the screen
not even the proliant screens on initial boot , let alone the linux boot

Has anybody seen this before, what else can i check for and what ?can i do
get it back up and running?

These are HP servers. Have you tried running diagnostics from their SmartStart CD? This would allow you to boot from a different operating system, and it would allow you to use their diagnostics.

You also might try booting off of a Red Hat Disc 1 (Rescue CD). If you have other servers that do not have this problem that are the same model, you could move your drives (making sure that the drive order remains the same) between 2 machines, and see if the problem follows the drives or the machine.


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