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Re: Using flat-screen monitor with RedHat 9

Hi andy

edit the configuration file "/etc/X11/XF86config"

In this you can find the Horizontal Sync and Vertical Sync settings

change the value in the configuration according to your monitor setting

Precaution : X configuration should be done in run level 3 and to test it
change to run level 5

On 30 Oct 2006 21:35:37 +0000, Andy Allen <andy allen virgin net> wrote:

I'm trying to use a flat-screen monitor (GNR TG700H) with RedHat 9. On
boot-up it fails at the login screen stage with the message "out of
frequency" - but when I boot into Windows XP it's fine! Is there a
setting I can change to make it work with RH9, or is it a lost cause?


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N S Vikram,
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