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Re: RH EL5 - Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet

Dell is selling the Inspiron 1420 N with Ubuntu installed.

You might check Dell's website for the 1420 N drivers.  They may work.

Download the ndiswrapper documentation and drivers/software in Windows and
butn to a cd disc.
Reboot to linux and install.
Or, you can transfer with a USB thumbdrive or hard drive.
(If you have installed a dual boot system, this should be easy.)

A google search on "ntfs linux" should bring up the resources.  There are
rpms for ntfs read-only mounting and read-write mounting.  A lot of folks
use FAT32 partitions/drives for transfers between Windows and Linux.

On 8/1/07, Wartnick, James <James Wartnick bestbuy com> wrote:
> I have a new dell Inspiron 1420 running both Vista and RH EL5. The
> laptop has a Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet controller which isn't
> recognized/working
> on the Linux side. I found one post from someone who had the exact
> configuration I have, but was using SUSE. They suggested using
> ndiswrapper (which apparently worked). Can someone help me out with
> this? Is there a driver that works for Linux or do I need to use
> ndiswrapper (which I have no clue on how to do). If I can download the
> driver, it's a bit challenging because I either have to boot with Vista,
> download the driver, reboot to Centos, and mount the NTFS filesystem
> (which I have not figured out how to do as well), or burn the driver
> onto a CD (since there is no network capabilities with the Linux-side of
> things).
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks.
> -Jim
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