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Re: wtmp

On 8/9/07, Paula J. Lindsay <paula scripps edu> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have an issue here at the institute.  Our rh ws 4's and fedora's are
> running on instruments and the lab uses the file
> wtmp to bill the users for the time they are spending on these
> instruments.  The problem is, at the end of the month,
> the wtmp file deletes itself.  We need to get it set up to copy to a
> file, i.e.,
> wtmp=this month
> wtmp1=last month
> wtmp2=the month before
> does anyone know how I can do this?  Any advice/suggestions/opinions
> will be generously welcome.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Paula
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The wtmp file rotation is controlled by the logrotate package. The
/etc/logrotate.conf file controls how many previous rotations to keep. Take
a look.


Romeo Theriault
System Administrator
University of Maine at Fort Kent
Ph#: 207-834-7815
Em@: romeo theriault maine edu

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