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Re: MS Exchange to MBOX

we are working on a migration path from 3 separate mail servers (1 Exch 5.5, and 2 mbox on freebsd).

some info on Zimbra

the AJAX web client is the best client. all features are available (doc sharing, calendar viewing, etc). Outlook 2007 client currently not supported to connect to Zimbra server, they are working on it. The Outlook "migrator" worked great, it is some sort of plugin that makes Outlook connect to the server, all functionality in outlook is there, even syncing. They also have good support for getting your mail on your phone.

I'm still in the discovery process.

I would also tell you to consider MAILDIR format. It is faster than MBOX. there are some perl scripts to convert from MBOX.

I think my path will be to start delivering mail to the new server and tell users to copy, archive, etc the old location if they want to keep it.

a quick google for pst to mbox came up with some info for you also. HTH


Kevin Kramer
Sr. Systems Administrator
Centaur Technology, Inc.

Justin Zygmont wrote the following on 08/15/07 11:23:
Chris wrote:
On Thu, 9 Aug 2007 12:58:13 -0600
Joshua Gimer <jgimer gmail com> wrote:

We are planning on moving a large amount of Exchange mailboxes to UNIX mbox format.

My question is, does anyone know of any projects out there or of any tools that can assist in this conversion?


An alternative to consider, Zimbra. It has an app that will atlease
allow you to pull in the mail to it's server and you still keep a
certain amount of collaboration.

I wonder if anyone knows if it has any compatibility with exchange, such as sharing calendars, and scheduling?

Justin Zygmont
System and Network Administrator
Cityfone Telecommunications Inc

justin at cityfone dot net

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