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Re: RHEL 4 or 5 AS 64Bit OS

Esquivel, Vicente wrote:
Hello all,
Is anyone running 64bit RHEL 4 or 5 AS on an intel based Dell Power Edge
2950 with 2x(dual core) Xeon Woodcrest processors with 16GB of RAM,
since this is not true 64bit hardware but rather it is 32bit with 64bit
extensions.  Dell claims that it supports 64bit RHEL on this hardware.
Can anyone tell me if there are having problems doing this or if there
would be anything I should take into consideration when trying to decide
to run 32bit RHEL or 64bit RHEL.  The application I will running on this
server supports both 32 or 64 bit.

I have one of those, I know rhel 64 bit will work well with it, but I can't remember if it already had the drivers for the PERC5i or not, you may need to use a driver disk. Unfortunately windoze had to go onto it instead, and Dell doesn't know much about their own stuff.

I think rhel 5, 64 bit would be the best for you, hope it helps..

Justin Zygmont
System and Network Administrator
Cityfone Telecommunications Inc

justin at cityfone dot net

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