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Re: bypass intranet sites

I have solved this issue using "Proxy Auto-Config" files
The issue is that if your client connect to the squid server no matter 
what you do, they are already processed by squid
What you need to do is telling your browsers that some servers (sites, 
addresses, IPs, etc) should be accessed directly, while some others need 
to be routed through a proxy

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config to start

Below you can find an example of my own file
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)

// Make everything lower case.
// WARNING: all shExpMatch rules following MUST be lowercase!
url = url.toLowerCase();
host = host.toLowerCase();

// Local/Internal rule
// matches to this rule get the 'local' proxy.
// Adding rules here enables the use of 'local'

    if (0
        // LOCAL
        || isPlainHostName(host) 
        || (host == "servidor1")
        || (host == "servidor2") 
        || (host == "servidor3") 
        || (host == "localhost") 
        || shExpMatch(host, "127.*") 
        || shExpMatch(host, "10.*.*.*") 
        || shExpMatch(host, "192.168.*.*") 
        ) {
        return "DIRECT";
    } else {
        return "PROXY";;


Where servidor1, servidor2, servidor3 are local servers and 
 is the address and port of the proxy server

Ariel Szujatovich 

New San S.A.
Phone:  54  11  4546-5000    (Ext. 275)
Fax:       54  11   4545-6008 
E-mail:  aszujatovich newsan com ar

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bypass intranet sites

Dear All,
  i am new to squid and do apprecite ur help 
  i have the following setup
  redhat 9
  private ip for all my clients
  I have a couple of sites in my intranet and all my locals users are 
using squid to access internet.
  i would want squid to bypass the proxy when users accessin the local 
intranet sites
  right now users hav to explicitly say in the browsers .. BYPASS PROXY 
SERVER for local addresses after check the use proxy server and the 
address has to be mentioned
  most users are non techinal so they dont use this option or put wrong 
settin in bypass proxy option
  also when the proxy is used for proxyin local sites the load on squid 
  apprecite if you could tell me how cd i let squid bypass proxy for all 
my local intranet websites
  i have abt 7 websites running
  apprecite your help

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