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RE: central sign-on for Red Hat?

I'm assuming that NIS or NIS+ is the easiest to install and use? Which is
best between the two? 

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Subject: Re: central sign-on for Red Hat?

> From: "Angie Moore" <diabeticithink yahoo com>
> Date: 2007/08/16 Thu AM 11:13:52 EDT
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> Subject: central sign-on for Red Hat?
> Hi All
> Is there a way to have all of my users (25 red hat boxes on RHES 4.0), 
> to have their logon accounts and permission managed and configured 
> from one server (like Active Directory does)? Would OpenLDAP do the 
> trick? Or is there another way?
> As always, thank you for your help!
> Anne

There is the RedHat Directory Server if you need the support or you could
use the Fedora Directory Server if you can manage it on your own or with
community support from the mailing lists.

Redhat Directory Server

Fedora Directory Server

Fedora directory Server mailing lists


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