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Re: central sign-on for Red Hat?

   Angie Moore wrote:

 Thanks. Looks like I need to find a good NIS instruction manual...

   I would go with LDAP.  It's not as complicated as some would make it. 
   Here is a very well written howto (redhat/fedora centered) that will walk
   you through the entire process.


   my $.02




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 On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 12:41:33PM -0400, Angie Moore wrote:

 I'm assuming that NIS or NIS+ is the easiest to install and use? Which
 is best between the two?

 I think NIS is the simplest to get up and running.  It doesn't offer the
 security features NIS+ does however, but if your network is internal-only,
 this may not be an issue.

 I think the next logical step beyond NIS would be LDAP.  Bypass NIS+


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