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Re: Migrating from RH 7.3 to ES4

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) schrieb:
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>> Subject: Re: Migrating from RH 7.3 to ES4
>> McDougall, Marshall (FSH) schrieb:
>>> I need to update one of my environments from RH 7.3 to ES4.  Part of
>>> this process is migrating 500 users and their mail.  I have looked
>>> around for some direction and the only thing that offers any close
>>> insight is http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_43_2409.shtm.  A slight
>>> problem with this is that the script that the article 
>> alludes to is not
>>> available.  
>>> Can anybody point me to a doc that will help me with this 
>> task?  Thanks.
>> Hi,
>> what serversoftware are you using and which will you use for 
>> imap/pop3/smtp?
>> We moved from RH 9 to RHEL 4 a couple of month (or a year) ago and for
>> me ther where not mutch trouble.

> Götz.
> Thanks for the reply.  This server is just a stock machine.  It's used as just a plain file server, web server and sendmail box.  It's the users and the mail that I want to move while preserving the attributes as much as possible.  Everything else is relatively simple.

hm.... That sounds more complex to me. E.g. Redhat dropped the
uw-imap-server and switched to dovecot, but may be you are using Cyrus
or something else? Will alle servises for all users stay on one

BTW: Why are you going to RH EL 4 and not to 5?


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