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RE: printer recommendations

dbrett tcn net <> wrote on Sunday, August 26, 2007 2:20 AM:

I second that, the HP Laserjet 4 and 5-series basically last forever. We have
a couple 4 and 5M-machines that's been chugging along since the mid/late 90s
w/o a hitch, only the occasional cartridge-exchange and vaccuming. For basic
monochrome printing this is the way to go IMO.

For flashier photo-printing, I've seen that Canon Pixmas get good scores.

Inkjets, regardless of brand, are a necessary evil at times, unless you have
access to a colour laser printer of good quality... 8-]

> I would recommend getting a laser printer for print outs which don't
> require colour.  It is possible to pick up older HP4 for not very much.
>   For photo's, I like Canon as well.  Sorry not sure what to recommend,
> have not had much success myself.
> On Sat, 25 Aug 2007, mark wrote:
>> Ok, we've decided that the black head circuitry is dead on our printer.
>> Now, I like the Canon, esp the four separate cartridges (*all* < $15,
>> OEM), so I'm leaning towards another Canon.
>> BIG consideration: it *must* have good support under Linux, since that's
>> all I run. I'm looking at the CUPS printer database, but that won't tell
>> me things like: 
>> 	- how well it will last (I'm not happy at only 4 years)
>> 	- not *too* expensive (I'd prefer < $150)
>> And with this group, yes, I'm looking at an inkjet, and I *loathe* HP
>> inkjets - pure crap.
>> 	mark

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