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Re: printers

mark wrote:
Well, I just went out yesterday and got a really cheap HP 1018 laserprinter. I looked at the Linux/CUPS printing d/b. I'm running RH9, and had to upgrade Perl
 to install foo2zjs, *and* had to put a compiler, etc, on a firewall box
(that's coming off, once this is done), and redhat-config-printer seems to do
everything right, finds it as USB, and prints. I don't *see* any error
messages, and lpq shows me the test page in the queue.

Yes, I d/l the firmware update. Twice.

Nothing comes out. Any thoughts?
Hey Mark. I tried many "budget" laser printers. While the 1018 is not on that list, I have printed to many 1020's and I'm not real happy with the results. You really need a printer that will support PCL printing. The 1022 seems to be working well, but costs a few dollars more. The cheapest laser I have found with full linux support has been the Lexmark e120n, plus you get networking.


Sorry this doesn't help your 1018 issues.


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