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Re: xhost RHEL3 != RHEL4

I'm already using X11Forward in ssh.
I tested using rlogin but also need to set the xhost.


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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 09:45:40 -0400
From: Andrew Bacchi <bacchi rpi edu>
Subject: Re: xhost RHEL3 != RHEL4
To: General Red Hat Linux discussion list <redhat-list redhat com>
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I find no need to use xhost in RHEL4. But I did find I needed to allow X in the ssh command.

ssh -X -l username hostname

That will allow ssh to forward the X session to your client.

Diego Brito Veiga - b04917 wrote:

> Hi guys,
> > From RHEL3 to RHEL4 there was some security improvements on gdm.conf file. > I know that I need to enable the gdm.conf DisallowTCP=false, set the > DISPLAY and do a xhost <machine> to open remote X windows.
> End users concerns:
> Is there a way to avoid the xhost <machine>? Just like RHEL3: set the > DISPLAY and open the remote X windows. > > Cheers >

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