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Re: Startup Script

I haven't ever needed to install or configure DNS on red hat before but I
believe you can install the bind dns server from the red hat repositories.
You would do this on RH v.4 with the up2date tool. up2date -i bind  or
whatever it is. The Red Hat package will have a init script to start/stop
the service. If for some reason you need/really want to use your own build
of bind and it doesn't include a init script, you can just copy one of the
existing init scripts for another service and change the appropriate info to
make it applicable for DNS.  If your  new to starting and stopping services
on RH you'll want to read the ma pages for chkconfig and service.

Good luck.


On Dec 2, 2007 10:11 AM, Aggarwal Vivek-Q4997C <Q4997C motorola com> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Iam new to Redhat Linux. Can anyone help me in solving the problem
> below:-
> Iam trying to install the DNS Server on RHEL4. I have downloaded the
> latest package of BIND-9.4.1-P1 from site. Now Iam not able to start the
> named Service as there is no start-up script for the same
> Can anyone help me
> Regards
> Vivek Aggarwal
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