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Re: I got Linux server problem .. please help

Pankaj Batra wrote:
Please help me out.I have Red Hat 8 installed on the Xeon HCL server with 4 SCSI disk each 36 GB with RAID 5(harware) configured.
Two days back RAID degraded then i patched the Drives and rebuilded the RAID and then I boot the machine with rescue CD of Red hat CD 1.
but could not see the complete data on partitions. So i installed the OS again and i can retrieve the whole data.But i am facing one problem that when i shut down the server with init 0. it stops at the following point. ...... ...... Shutting down eth0 [OK] Shutting down loopback interface [OK] INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel.

This is correct bahaviour, you told the box to halt, not to reboot (init 6 is reboot)

from /etc/inittab

# Default runlevel. The runlevels used by RHS are:
#   0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
#   1 - Single user mode
# 2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have networking)
#   3 - Full multiuser mode
#   4 - unused
#   5 - X11
#   6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)

Also, using redhat 8 would be a bad idea - it is exceptionally out of date and even security fixes are no longer released, I'd advise you to update it to something a little more recent. Generally a minimal install and then adding the packages you need will still work well on older hardware.

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