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RE: red hat firewall question


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>Subject: red hat firewall question
>Hi All
>I figured out a way, I think, to keep my connections alive 
>while my users
>are connected to my Red Hat Enterprise 4 servers. 
>I thought I would create a firewall rule (or something like 
>that) that keeps
>tcp alive (keep-state?).
>Something like this:
>"allow tcp from any to any keep-state"
>What do you all think? Is this the correct syntax to use to keep tcp
>connections alive? or is there a better way?
>Thank you again for your help.


I think you see the symptom, but you don't yet understand your problem,
and are hoping that this will solve it.  I would be looking at the
overall network config, because with a properly configured server there
is no reason for your it to be dumping connections after 1 minute.

Regards, Marshall

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