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rpm/up2date transactional rollbacks


Over the past week I've been trying to utilize the rollback features of
either rpm or up2date.

Firstly with rpm v 4.3.3 I attempted the following:

Install the rpm
prompt> rpm -i somepackage.rpm

prompt> rpm -Uvh --rollback '1 hour ago'

Check to see if the installed rpm is gone
prompt> rpm -q somepackage 

and it outputs that the package is still installed.

I had set in /etc/rpm/macros %_repackage_all_erasures 1 and a suitable
previous time for %_unsafe_rollbacks and it is obviously not working.

Does this feature actually work? (I found no actual documentation
anywhere) Has anyone had any successes with this?

Secondly with up2date from what I've read the --undo and
--list-rollbacks options have been removed in the later versions without
stating any reason why they have been removed/ if they are due back
anytime soon. I've attempted to use this on a version before the feature
was removed, v4.4.50 I think and any installed rpm via up2date -i
somepackage would not be rolled back using the --undo option.
My question here is has anyone made this work (using --undo) with any
previous versions or did this never work properly in the first place?


Michael Window
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