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Re: cron triggered the reboot..but server did not reboot

On Dec 10, 2007 1:50 AM, ajay raghuraj <ajay raghuraj gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a weekly cron reboot scheduled at 1400hrs on sundat EST. cron seems
> to have trigerred as per the log, but the reboot did not happen. Here are
> the errors. Has anyone seen this before ?

What version of RHEL is this?  From the LaUS messages, I'm going to
assume RHEL3.  I don't have a RHEL3 box handy, but I do have a RHEL4
box.  Those shutdown options aren't really valid in RHEL.  What it
does on my RHEL4 box is schedules a system *halt* (not reboot) for 150
minutes in the future (it has no idea what -i 6 means).  Assuming that
150 minutes is indeed the desired time, do something like this:

shutdown -r 150 would do what you want.

The other question that this lends itself to is why in the world would
you want to reboot a box every week without anyone tending to it in
the event that it does not come back up or something????  If there's
some application that has some lossage that requires it to be
restarted once a week, why not just restart that app instead of the
whole box???


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