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Re: Satellite server and other options

A couple years ago we explored the Satellite server. We had a telephone conference with reps from RedHat, and a good long meeting it was. They answered many questions.

We decided to go with the Proxy server they provide, at less cost than the Satellite. It gave us the ability to control upgrades, and our own private OS channels. You may benefit from a phone conference also.
Good luck.

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) wrote:
I have been asked to put together a business case for a Satellite
server.  The problem for me is I am not sold on it's value.  I would
like to know who is using Satellite and what other alternatives are
available.  Currently, we have about 50 subscriptions.  Thanks.

Regards, Marshall

veritatis simplex oratio est

Andrew Bacchi
Systems Programmer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
phone: 518.276.6415  fax: 518.276.2809


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