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Re: queer dns access problem

have you checked named.conf and made sure its listening on the correct ip address/interface ?


Bill Tangren wrote:
Can you ping your DNS server from the broken box?


Well, it doesn't seem that the firewall is the problem. The firewall is
not recording any traffic coming from the broken server when it tries to
access the outside world. [Though I can ssh into another server in the
enclave if I use its IP number.] I have tried unplugging the working
server, renaming the broken one and using its network port, and DNS still
doesn't work. I am stumped as to why. I need this server, and if I don't
fix it soon, I'm going to have to reinstall the OS. I've even gone so far
as to swap out network cards. No joy. Something must be wrong with the
setup, and I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

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