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RE: bash script that pings is not working

Hi Steve

Thanks for the better script. 

Actually, ping does work when it involves a firewall, surprisingly. It's
working great now and all timeouts have ceased. 

I had already made the setting in putty, but I'm doing the ping script for
all the other applications.

Thanks for the script help!


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Anne Moore wrote:
> HI All, can anyone help with this bash script? 
> #!/bin/bash
> while [ 1 ]
> do
> ping some.ip.com
> sleep 60
> done
> # end of script
> It's not really working like I need it to be. I'm trying to add this 
> to everyone's logon profile and run it without the console ICMP 
> replies showing up while each person is connected (to keep their 
> connections alive). Then, once they log off, it closes the script.
> Any scripting experts out there that can tweak this? Thank you so much 
> for your time. -Anne

Also, if you are talking about firewall timeouts then this wont actually
help as the timeouts tend to be flow based, not source/dest ip based.

If they use something like putty, then you can enable tcp keepalives which
will probably do what you are after.

Anyway, to answer your query.


while true; do
   ping -c1 some.ip.address > /dev/null 2>&1
   sleep 60

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