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Re: dhcp problem

do you have authoritative in your dhcpd config ?
if not add it..
if you already do..
 Sounds like you may have a rogue dhcp server on your network
would explain why your not getting a request from the client..

in your logs where does your client go through the full 4 steps ?
my guess around that time the rogue is turned off.!! 

If you can .. check out the client itself.. see who it says its
dhcp server is..  without knowing  
what your clinets are  (win/linux/mac)  i cant really tell you how
to find that info..


thanks for helping me tom,

i checked the log file and found 

server DHCPOFFER, only 

thanks in advance

Tom Greaser <tgreaser hsc wvu edu> wrote: Tamer
Dose the client send the DHCPREQUEST for the IP that the dhcp server offered ?

generic 4 step process
server DHCPACK  

From: tamer amr 
Subject: dhcp problem
hi all

i have a strange problem in my dhcp server 
sometimes the dhcp server couldn't send the dhcp acknowlagde to the clients, it just send the offer.

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