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Re: queer dns access problem [SOLVED]

> have you checked named.conf and made sure its listening on the correct
> ip address/interface ?
> david

The network people hired a contractor who, in his spare time, started
implementing port security on the switches. This means that he monitored
switch use, recorded the MAC addresses of the network cards using each
port, and set ports on some (but not all) switches to only allow those MAC
addresses. My (broken) server is kept turned off most of the time, so he
disallowed all access to that particular port. When I switched it to
another port, it still didn't work because it wasn't registered for that
port. When I changed the server name to one that worked, that didn't work
either for the same reason.

The thing is, the contractor did this without telling anyone, including
anyone in IT.

A week of work, wasted.

Thanks everyone for helping track down this problem.


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