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RE: Moving /home to a LVM

Joey Prestia <> scribbled on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 9:17 PM:

I did this just the other day, although not using LVMs, just ragular
old-school partitioning - I find those confusing and difficult to tweak later.

I'll mail the steps I did in the morning thursday; am home now and don't my
notes here. It's not that difficult, unless you start from LVMs on your old

> I am out of room on my /home partition which is just ext3 and I am
> wanting to move it to a unpartitioned area which i plan on making a LVM
> and once the data is moved I want to make the old /home partition LVM
> also and join it to the new LVM that I am creating. What I am unsure of
> is how to move the data do I just tar it up and move it to the LVM and
> untar it add the new part to fstab and take the old part out? will I
> have to reboot? any Help greatly appreciated.
> Thanks Joey

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