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RE: Moving /home to a LVM

Ah, sound a bit like robocopy for windows, although that one doesn't do
incremental backups as far as I know.

Thx for the info. 


From: Madan Thapa [mailto:madan feedback gmail com] 
Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2007 10:36 AM
To: sorin srbu orgfarm uu se; General Red Hat Linux discussion list
Subject: Re: Moving /home to a LVM

rsync actually in useful in creating incremental backups, locally or over
network. rysnc also can work like a copy function as I updated you on the last
post. I will look for any files changed during a period and if there is any
will update it with files from the source to the destination. cp seems add
server load which copying a large directory, however rsync does it with hardly
any load. 

On Dec 23, 2007 2:18 AM, Sorin Srbu <sorin srbu orgfarm uu se> wrote:

	Madan Thapa <> scribbled on Saturday, December 22, 2007 2:17 AM:
	What advantage would that be? Just curious...

	> you may actually use rsync instead of copy
	> rsync -vrplogDtH /<old_home_paht> /home
	> On 12/20/07, Joey Prestia < joey linuxamd com
<mailto:joey linuxamd com> > wrote:
	>> Thanks for the fast reply tried it this morning and I had specified
	>> copy incorrectly so it took a little mv here and there but its
	>> great Thanks all. 
	>> Joey
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