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Re: Revisiting an old topic: licensing/titlement and "redistribution"

On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 07:43:35PM +0100, David Tonhofer wrote:
> Jon Stanley wrote:
>>> .........but can I run no-longer-subscribed Red Hat Enterprise
>>> instantiations or not?
>> I am not a lawyer, however I believe that you can - per direction from
>> RH legal at the Summit - but IF AND ONLY IF you have *no* currently
>> subscribed systems.  That is the barrier to not being bound to the
>> subscription agreement, which states 1 machine takes 1 entitlement.
> Well, that makes sense, thanks you :-)
> Now if Red Hat would only furnish a reasonable RHN interface where you 
> could map orders to
> entitlements and entitlements to machines and synchronize the expiration 
> dates (come on Red Hat).
> But that's another story.

Seconded.  Although we just reworked our procedures internally to work
around this -- it was a pain in the butt before to have to track which
department paid for what.  All you had to go on was a big blob of 100
entitlements or whatever with no real idea which entitlements went to

You _can_ use satellite to store something like a PO number with an
individual system, but there's no integrated way to do any sort of
tracking on entitlements alone so you have to track it on your own. :(


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