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Wrapping my head around Xen/RHCS Clustering

Maybe you guys can shed a bit of light on this because I have been doing
tons of research and have yet to come to a simple conclusion. What I want to
do is quite simple: Run a cluster of Xen-enabled RHEL boxes. I need to
support live migration, but beyond that I don't need anything extreme
between the boxes themselves such as shared storage, etc. From what I
understand right now, this is how I think it would go, assuming RHEL is
installed on two boxes:

   1. Boot Xen on each box
   2. Ensure /etc/hosts has node info for srv1 and srv2
   3. Setup luci/ricci
   4. I want to use GFS, so load GFS onto each box
   5. Use CLVM to create initial volumes
   6. Setup Cluster using Conga, including GFS volumes
   7. Enable live migration for Xen (still fleshing this)

And this is where I'm stuck for the moment. Do I just create VMs as normal?
I'm going to assume it will work fine with the GFS volumes. And I'm reading
something in the RedHat manual, where they go over an example of installing
Apache, that it has to be installed on every node. I assume that doesn't
apply to Xen VMs?

Am I on the right track somewhat? The biggest issue I'm having is "Xen
Clustering" generally refers to clustering VMs on a single box, for instance
to be used in parallel computing tasks. On the flip side, I can find
information on RHCS by itself, but no information on how they can easily
work together, i.e. node migration between Dom0's. If anyone can shed some
light on this, or just point in the direction of documentation that makes
sense in this context, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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