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quota definition

  Since this is a system administrator mailing list also I thought that
  I can put my question here. 

  I have a question regarding the configuration of anonymous ftp server.

  I have the following configuration:
                                       I -----> dir1
         I ------>   Anonymous ------->I  
         I                             I -----> incoming
         I ------>    DIR1             I
  /data  I                             I -----> outgoing
         I ------>    DIR2             I
         I                             I -----> dir2
         I ------>    DIR3             I

  /data is the FS which contains 4 directories in first level(including
   anonymous area). Anonymous contains 4 directories as given. We donot
   quota defined for /data file system. To-day some user filled the
   FS with his files in outgoing directory. This blocked access to all
   anonymous users. But we have anonymous ftp jobs running on other
   which writes information to dir1 and dir2 which is again collected by
   other machines via anonymous ftp. I would like to know whether I can 
   define quotas to incoming and outgoing directories alone? Or what is
   best configuration (without increasing disk space) so that diskspace
   never fills more than 90% of the total capacity of /data FS? Under
   circumstances I need anonymous ftp access to dir1.

   I will appreciate very much your help.

   With best regards,

Padiyath Sreekumar       |   Tel: +41.56.310.3643
Paul Scherrer Institut   |   email: kumar padiyath psi ch
AIT                      |   Office: WHGA/U132 
WHGA/U132                |   Fax: +41.56.310.3649
CH-5232 Villigen PSI     | 
Switzerland              |

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