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Re: Apache/Firefox/IE

Hey, LoG,

>Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:08:06 +0200
>From: Lord of Gore <lordofgore logsoftgrup ro>  
>> Yeah, went through that, *told* IE to accept cookies from the site. 
>> Then I view cookies, and I see other acceptances, but this site has no 
>> "accepted".
>Aaaa, I think now I understand what is this all about. You have an 
>authentication form accessed secure and you can login with firefox and 
>not with IE. Is this correct?

Right. The index.php redirects to corporate login, which redirects back to our site with a cookie set... supposedly.

>If so the form is designed by yourself? You might have 

Nope, I have no control - that's serious corporate. Apparently, it works in production. I'm using SSL certs that I generated, using <http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/ssl/ssl_faq.html#selfcert>, and removed the password from, per the instructions.

>I asked you once, now again: How is this failing materialized? Any 
>messages? If IE rejected a cookie you should see a little icon on the 
>down-right corner of the window telling you that IE just did that.
>Are you telling me that the site should push a cookie on the computer 
>and you can't find it where it should be? I'm not sure what are these 
>acceptances... Try and modify the Privacy Setting from Medium to Accept 
>all Cookies and see if that works out. If it works out then you know 
>what the problem is.

If I haven't mentioned, I do know from the access_log (that I finally looked at), that it's an endless redirect (302). We played with the php code, and what's happening is that no cookie is being set. As best I can tell, IE is refusing to accept it. I *have* told it to accept cookies from the domain, and it's ignoring me.... (What do you want, it *is* Internet Exploder <g>)


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