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Re: Apache & php5, RHEL 4

m roth2006 rcn com wrote:
Date: Thu,  8 Feb 2007 17:46:10 -0500 (EST) From:
<m roth2006 rcn com>

So, now I've got to put up a wiki, and it's *only* PHP 5. I've been
told I should build PHP 5. Fine, except that *everything* that I
find googling just assumes that I've built apache 2.

Nope. It came pre-installed, presumably from binary rpms.

I just realized I should have mentioned that the many copies of the
distro that came with the server only have PHP 4 as an rpm, and for
some reason (I and the other sysadmin believe it has to do with the
corporate firewall), we haven't been able to register our release,
and so can't get to the RedHat updates to d/l PHP 5 for the distro.
(A link to such a d/l of a binary rpm would be equally appreciated,
assuming it didn't require 432 other packages to be upgraded.)

Oh, and there's a limit to what we can do, since we are still
somewhat linked to corporate production, and *they* are still on REHL



The binary RPMs have to be obtained from RHL under license. Can't you negotiate with your network admins. to get the firewall opened to allow you to contact RHN? There seems little point in you paying RH for RHN if you can't access it.

All the source RPMs are freely available. There should be many mirroes around the world. What you need to do is download the SRPM, install it and build it. This will install the source package in /usr/src/redhat. There will be a spec file in the SRPM which you use along with rpmbuild to build the binary RPMS. Go to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and locate the appropriate spec file, it should be named something like php.spec. Run rpmbuild -ba php.spec. This will unpack the source tarball, patch it in whatever way necessary, build the binaries and then package them into the RPMs. The RPMs can be located in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS.

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