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Re: rpmbuild src?

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 04:10:14PM -0500, m roth2006 rcn com wrote:
> So, my next stip in this wiki project is to get a working php-java bridge.
> I've found a source rpm, and was trying rpmbuild, since just untaring the
> included tarfile reveals an rpm-spec, and no configure. I've been trying to
> use rpmbuild, and it keeps croaking on not being able to find phpize. Now,
> it's in my path (and I'm on as root); I've tried editing
> /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/php-java<blah>.spec, and it apparently re-extracts it
> and overwrites it. I've also tried to add the path to
> /usr/lib/rpm/config.guess, since I didn't see an appropriate place in either
> rpmrc or in config.site.
> I suppose I could make a symbolic link to /usr/bin, but I'd really like to
> know the *correct* way to build the software. So: how do I fix the path?

Just edit the spec file in /usr/src/redhad/SPECS, then while remaining in the
SPECS dierctory run rpmbuild -bb <filename>.spec instead of on the
original .src.rpm.

Do you know what method is being used to search for phpize by default?  There
may be a cleaner way to do it.


Disclaimer: I have read your entire post.  If I didn't answer satisfactorily,
either it's likely because you did not make yourself clear or I misunderstood
part of what you were asking.  Feel free to holler and yell though if you
like. :)

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