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Re: rpmbuild src?

m roth2006 rcn com wrote:
So, my next stip in this wiki project is to get a working php-java
bridge. I've found a source rpm, and was trying rpmbuild, since just
untaring the included tarfile reveals an rpm-spec, and no configure.
I've been trying to use rpmbuild, and it keeps croaking on not being
able to find phpize. Now, it's in my path (and I'm on as root); I've
tried editing /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/php-java<blah>.spec, and it
apparently re-extracts it and overwrites it. I've also tried to add
the path to /usr/lib/rpm/config.guess, since I didn't see an
appropriate place in either rpmrc or in config.site.

I suppose I could make a symbolic link to /usr/bin, but I'd really
like to know the *correct* way to build the software. So: how do I
fix the path?

I don't know about this particular package but I've had to rebuild some recalcitrant tar files before. Each case is different but the following is in my experience common:

1.  Extract the tar file somewhere.
2.  move the spec file to SPECS
2a. (Sometime other edits have to be made on the source here)
3.  remake the tar file
4.  move new tar file to SOURCES
5.  cd to SPECS
6.  edit the spec file as needed
7.  rpmbuild -ba specfilename.spec


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