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Re: Apache & php5, RHEL 4

Robert Canary wrote:
> Does this explain why my freshly built RHEL 4 will not update correctly.
>  Whenever I use my RHN or up2date commandline, it always fails with
> unresolved dependancies.  I thought the purpose of the RHN was to
> eleivate that situation when using RH original rpms.
> But still it consistantly hangs PHP dependancy problems.

Hi Robert,

If you are subscribed to the beta channel I suggest that you
unsubscribe. After unsubscribing, use the command :

up2date --show-orphans

This identifies packages that are installed but are not available at RHN
in the currently subscribed channels.

If you have anything listed there, and you attempt to update using
up2date, failures may occur as you have described. up2date cannot
resolve dependencies for things it does not manage.

The Beta channel is for people to access test and beta packages. Never
use these pckages on production systems or subscribe to beta channels
unless you know exactly what you are doing.


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