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RE: rename Redhat server

Hi thanks for your helps but i want to know which files need to change for example /etc/hostname. İ need to permanent change hostname.


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On 2/13/07, Barry Brimer <lists brimer org> wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Atul Tyagi wrote:
> > I want to rename my Redhat servers.
> >> Which control and replacement i must do?
> >>
> >>
> > Change the host name in the folowing file /etc/sysconfig/network. set
> the
> > parameter "HOSTNAME" and reboot. To change it in runtime just issue the
> > following command on root prompt
> > sysctl kernel.hostname=<new_hostname> and relogin.
> I believe you might be missing the "-w" that tells sysctl to "write" this
> value.  I would use "sysctl -w kernel.hostname=<new_hostname>" ..
> alternatively, you could type "hostname <new_hostname>" and re-login.
> Either way, the HOSTNAME paramater in /etc/sysconfig/network must be
> changed as well.
> Yup I missed the -w switch. Sorry for that
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