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Re: [Q] how to set virtual IP on AS 4

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, mark wrote:
 True, but I learned many years ago that Webmin wasn't safe to use. Perhaps
 that's changed in the last few years, but I still steer clear of it.  =)

Why "not safe to use"?

Years ago, there were occasionally security holes found in Webmin. Seeing how Webmin provides pretty much unrestricted access to change damn near anything on one's server, these were pretty big issues. They could have been easily mitigated by restricting access to Webmin by the use of access controls, firewall rules, etc. but that wasn't really happening by default at the time. People who weren't experienced with Linux and were installing Webmin were getting their served pwn3d.

I haven't looked at Webmin in years, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that things are much better off than they used to be, so this probably isn't much of an issue anymore. I've been managing Linux machines for right about 10 years now and I prefer just to manage everything from the CLI, so I don't use Webmin or similar anyways (personal preference).

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