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Thanx for your reply.

Do you think HA is required ??

Does is make different to implement the dedicated server for each services
like pop3/imap , smtp , antivirus and antispam, httpd for web access for
this kind of load.

What could be the bandwidth , can suggest.

On 2/16/07, security <security air-austral com> wrote:

nilesh vaghela a écrit :
> Dear All,
> We are in planning for high end mailing services the criteria is:
> # starting with 2,00,000 user initially
> # can be reach upto 5,00,000 users within 2-3 years.
> # Need web access
> # POP3 / IMAP/ and SMTP services
> # Redundancy for server.
> # Service monitoring and alarm for any critical failure.
> # Antispam and Antivirus services.
> # Backup obviously..
> What could be the server or servers config ( dedicated number of POP3/
> and SMTP server, Dedicated Antivirus and Antispam server / servers,
> dedicated server for web access etc ).
> Which is the best MTA to handle mail services ?? ( Qmail, POSTFIX --
> or any
> other )

Postfix is a good choice, but it seems that sendmail is faster (there is
more security holes, but .. it run faster)

> Which pop3 / IMAP server ( thinking for cyrusd )
cyrusd, yes .. but the most important thing is to have a good server
(write cache, optimisez fs like ext3 with noatime)

You can use cyrus-murder to "clusterise" cyrus.

> What is the best approach for antivirus and antispam.

Antivirus: you can use clamav ..
for the antispam, amavis use spamassassin by default (works well :)

> Which could be the best candidate for web access ( squirrelmail, horde
> ?? )

Horde is hard to configure,
squirrelmail is hugly

We test "round cube" webmail: all is in ajax, maybe a good solution ?

> Service monitoring NMS ( OPENNMS , negois ??)

nagios do the work well :)
> Suggestions are welcome.
> Any body handling this kind of setup please give suggestion so can
> plan for
> the hardware and selection of the services.
The most important thing:  Write cache and Ram !

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