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Anmol Bedi wrote:
Go for Qmail.
Indeed. I'm not sure as to why qmail isn't suggested as a solution as much as it deserves it. It is fast, very secure, has many, great and easy to install add-ons and when working in conjuction with djb-dns it is by far the best ISP solution. My current setup has qmail+courier+webmail+clamav+spamassassin+SPF. Also works flawlessly. I'm not sure what 2,00,000 means I suppose it's two hundred thousands. I'd split loads on different servers and I'd most definitely implement HA. Talking about this number of users would mean ISP and you can't go black for a few hours and let them in the dark.

Qmail-pop3d is good pop3 server

Club with Clamav - Spamassassin

I have my Qmail-Clamav-Spamassassin on my live server and works flawlessly.

Or if you wanna buy buy kerio mail server.

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