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Lord of Gore a écrit :
> Anmol Bedi wrote:
>> Go for Qmail.
> Indeed. I'm not sure as to why qmail isn't suggested as a solution as
> much as it deserves it. It is fast, 

Non, be serious: Sendmail (I hate this software!) is the faster

Postfix (maybe Exim too, I do not use it ) is a good choice if you need
a secure and "fast" (less thant sendmail) MTA.

> very secure, has many, great and easy to install add-ons and when
> working in conjuction with djb-dns it is by far the best ISP solution.
> My current setup has qmail+courier+webmail+clamav+spamassassin+SPF.
> Also works flawlessly.
> I'm not sure what 2,00,000 means I suppose it's two hundred thousands.
> I'd split loads on different servers and I'd most definitely implement
> HA. Talking about this number of users would mean ISP and you can't go
> black for a few hours and let them in the dark.
>> Qmail-pop3d is good pop3 server
>> Club with Clamav - Spamassassin
>> I have my Qmail-Clamav-Spamassassin on my live server and works
>> flawlessly.
>> Or if you wanna buy buy kerio mail server.

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