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Re: Flash on linux browser

Virden, Larry W. wrote:
Interestingly enough, I've seen similar problems on windows xp with
sites using quicktime - video but no audio or audio and no video. What I
can't recall, however, if it was only with firefox, or with both firefox
and ie. I suspect that there are weird things about certain sites and
the various plugins.

Have you submitted a bug report (with specific URLs , the plugin
version, and the firefox version, as well as the linux distro name and
version) to the plugin developers?

Agreed, I have had various minor complications concerning flash compatibility across different versions of flash/firefox. I can't think of a time where it wasn't a matter of a simple version update to resolve. Flash 8 was a big sticking point in particular, since it's release lagged behind windows. Linux seems to be caught up now and Adobe appears to be pouring resources into linux development...imho this is all much better than dealing with quicktime.

Before you get into recompiling things/adding flags, I'd suggest downloading flash 9 and trying it out - if you haven't already.

Jim Canfield, CISSP
Tulsa Spine and Specialty Hospital

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