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On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 08:57:57AM -0500, nilesh vaghela wrote:
> Thanx you all, for the answer.
> My choice still Postfix or Qmail.
> I am still not sure about Cyrus or Coriuor.
> Let me do some performance testing on both the server will let you know the
> result.
> I am not sure about the time.

Both qmail and Postfix are great.  The ISP I worked at used qmail, and
although it took a bit of getting used to (the djb way of laying things out is
a bit non-intuitive when compared to your traditional setup), it's extremely
powerful.  Using something like qmailtoaster is the way to go IMO, especially
if you'll be doing the same install on a bunch of machines for HA.  It _is_ a
pain recompiling in patches every time you need a feature or need to upgrade
something; you have to track all that.  RPM's make life much easier.

I'd say in the end go with whichever gives you the performance you need and
you are more comfortable managing.  Postfix I think will be easier to manage
initially--qmail will have a bit of a learning curve.

qmailtoaster comes with Courier RPM's that work fine.  I've heard Cyrus is the
fastest in the IMAP world though, so probably worth a serious look.


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