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Red Hat Enterprise Linux server fails to boot when connected to the network

We have a new Dell server which came pre installed with Red Hat
Enterprise Linux Version 4 server on it.
However when it is connected to our network it freezes when booting up.
If I  enter interactive startup and stop the network service from
running the server boots fine.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

The last message that shows up is "enabling swap space" and it
eventually says it is killing the services and its out of memory.

I made it so the network card doesn't start at boot, so I have to enable
it after logging into the server. It connects to the network fine after
that, but it just doesn't boot when connected to the network.

We havn't changed anything on the server as its brand new, just had to
set up a few settings like the time, root password, etc.

Thanks in advance for any ideas

David Poole


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