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Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux server fails to boot when connected to the network

Can you boot successfully off of CD .. i.e Disc 1 into rescue mode, or Knoppix? That would eliminate your on-disk installation and allow you to focus on the hardware.

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007, Tom Greaser wrote:

I have seen LONG boot times with boxes
running sendmail not setup right.. it just times
out.. and since it boots fine with the nic down
I could see where the system skips a lot of checks since
the nic is down and it cant query network info.

This dosent explain the error " killing the services "
ok.. what run level does your dell boot into ?
cat /etc/inittab
mine boots to 5
# Run runlevel 5

I could be wrong but i think swap is
brought up in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit

now that you know the runlevel..
look in your /etc/rc5.d

look for the script between your network
start up and sendmail  (look for scripts
that start with S )
example mine

try disabling sendmail from startup
(mv S80sendmail K80sendmail )

Aslo would you post all your S scripts in your runlevel ?
And like Ray Van Dolson asked anything in the messages file ?

(no im not talking down to you about the run levels and startup scripts
trying to make this post easy for newbies)

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